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Daily OPD

IP Care

Smoking cessation

Pulmonary rehabilitation

Allergy clinic

Fibre optic bronchoscopy

RNTCP services

Allergy testing

ICU care

Health education



We provide comprehensive and state of the art evaluation and management of patients suffering from a broad spectrum of respiratory diseases such as asthma, COPD, bronchiectasis, bronchitis, pneumonias, tuberculosis and other lung infections, various interstitial lung diseases, pleural diseases like pleural effusion , pneumothorax, empyema etc,lung cancer, occupational lung diseases , respiratory failure, pulmonary vasculities  ,mediastinal diseases, sleep disorders like obstructive sleep apnoea etc.


  • Respiratory Nebulizers
  • Electronic Pulmonary Function Test Machine
  • Bipep Ventilator
  • Pulse Oximeters
  • Video Bronchoscopy














Out patient services


We conduct regular OPD services from Monday  to Saturday.

OPD Timings 9AM- PM all days except Saturdays( 9AM-1 PM)

In adition to the regular OP, we have speciality clinics on following days


Monday- asthma and allergy clinic

Tuesday- smoking cessation clinic

Wednesday-COPD and pulmonary rehabilitation clinic

Thursday- lung cancer clinic

Friday-occupational lung  diseases clinic


In-patient services


Patients requiring hospitalization   are admitted and treated in our pulmonary medicine wards.In adition to the general wards, we have a an isolation unit meant for patients with infectious diseases and  a high dependancy unit for very sick patients.


Intensive respiratory care unit


The 6 bedded IRCU is equipped with the most modern  equipments related to critical care and provides state of the art care to  critically ill respiratory patients with  respiratory failure, sepsis, ARDS etc, strictly adhering to guidelines for evidence based practices for mechanical ventilation and critical care.



Pulmonary  lab

Facilities available are -Spirometry

                                      Allergy testing for antigens and drugs

                                      Exercise testing etc


Pulmonary procedures -   Fibre optic bronchoscopy(diagnostic &therapeutic)


Pleural procedures         -intercostal drainage,pleural aspiration,pleural biopsy,percutaneous lung biopsy



1) Etiological Diagnosis of Pneumonia, Dr Jyothi E. World Clinics of Pulmonary and Critical care Medicine 2019


2) Allergen Immunotherapy. Dr Jyothi E, Clinical Allergy and asthma management in adolescents and young adults CRC Press 2022




:   Dr. Sreekala. C
:   MBBS, MD
:   Dr. Anandan P T
:   Dr. Ajith Kumar C S
:   MBBS, MD
:   Dr. Soofia M
:   MBBS, MD
:   Dr. Nithya Lekshmi Vijayan
:   MBBS, MD
:   Dr. Rabitha Balakrishnan
:   MBBS, MD


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